5 Unique Ways to Add Hand Lettering to Your Wedding Day

Hi y'all! It's the second week in January and it has been a busy one. This past weekend, I attended the Denton Bridal Show in Denton, TX and had the opportunity (and absolute pleasure!) to work with my amazing friends at Barnett Estates. Barnett Estates is an all-inclusive wedding and events venue in Krum, TX and just so happens to be the venue Jon and I tied the knot at back in September!

At the bridal show, I got to speak with so many newly engaged couples who were excitedly gathering ideas and meeting with various local vendors as they planned out their wedding dreams. It was truly so inspiring hearing to-be brides tell me about their ideas and what they invision for their special day!

After I got home that afternoon, it got me thinking about my own wedding and the excitement I had coming up with fun ideas to make my wedding unique. One of the ways I wanted to add special detail was (maybe unsurprisingly!) by adding hand lettering and calligraphy throughout. I started with the easiest and most common -  stationery! It was such a rush of excitement every time a friend or family member sent me a picture of the beautifully addressed envelope they received in the mail! They all loved them and it definitely set the tone for our wedding.

I had so many ideas I wanted to do for my wedding to make it stand out! Some of them I was able to incorporate into the day, but a few I did not have the time or resources available to make it happen by the time our wedding rolled around. That's the thing about weddings - the timeline sneaks up on you so quickly, no matter how much time you think you have left!

I wanted to share with y'all a few of the ideas I had tucked away, whether for myself or just as inspiration! Here are my Top 5 unique ways to add special little touches of hand lettering and calligraphy to your wedding!


Repurposed Globe as a Card Holder

This was actually one that I did for my own wedding! Jon and I both love to travel, so I definitely wanted to capture that passion somewhere within our wedding. I decided that I wanted to paint an old globe to match the colors for our wedding and then added some hand painted floral detail as well as our last name and wedding date! Let me tell you, painting on a large rounded surface (that spins easily!) is no small feat. Once it was painted, I had the idea to actually give the globe a purpose, rather than to simply have as decor, and added a wide slit across the top and viola - I created a place for guest to place loose cards for our gifts table!


Pro Tip:

I used an exacto knife to cut the slit and I do not recommend it! Globes are far thicker than you'd think, and if I'd had some sort of electric blade it would have been much easier and looked neater. Just be careful with whatever tools you decide to use! 

Create a Return Address Stamp

Custom stamps are a fantastic and USEFUL idea because they can add a beautiful hand lettered look with so much ease and can be used over and over! They make it so easy to add your return address for those RSVP cards without the hassle of writing out your own name and address on endless repeat. There are tons of designs available on Etsy (like this one from Twin Soul Studio ) or you can try your luck at creating your own .

Pro Tip:

Having a stamp made will not only make the process easy when sending out the wedding invitations, but will also save you loads of time when those thank you cards come around!

Design a Custom Monogram

Creating a custom monogram is THE ultimate way to personalize your wedding stationery! It adds such a sophisticated and bespoke element that will make your entire look feel complete. Feel free to break out some ink and paper and get creative! Try using watercolor, researching your family's crest, or contact a designer (like Meagan at WhimsyDesignPaperie! ) to create the perfect symbol for you and your spouse to be!

Pro Tip:

Not only will a custom monogram add such amazing character to your wedding day, the design can be used for years to come! Need some personalized stationery? Add the monogram! Or use the design as your own personal brand or logo for your business. Have it embroidered on linens or etched into crystal stemware. The options are limitless!


Wow Guests by Writing On the Cake

This is one idea I really wanted to do for my own wedding, but ultimately decided to go a different direction with the cake design. Adding calligraphy directly onto the wedding cake is a sure way to make sure it gets noticed by everyone! Keep it simple by just having your names and the wedding date written on the icing, or get elaborate by adding part of your vows or a favorite quote the two of you share. The possibilities are endless!

Pro Tip:

Is this look a little too much for you? Try adding a customized cake topper with your favorite words to each other instead!

Cake Design:  M Cakes Sweets

Cake Design: M Cakes Sweets

Sneak Special Words On the Soles of Your Shoes

For a fun and playful way to add beautiful words into your wedding, try writing special notes to each other on the bottoms of your shoes! The script doesn't have to be elaborate or detailed, this idea is all about the intimate message to your soon to be spouse. After the "I do"s are said, have your photographer snap a few pics to keep this detail forever!

Pro Tip:

Writing a message on the soles of the shoe will probably wear off with time, so if you want your messages to stay forever try having the image done in permanent ink directly on the leather/canvas of the shoe itself! This looks especially quirky and cute on a pair of fresh, white Converse sneakers!

PHOTO CREDIT:  @timtabstudios

PHOTO CREDIT: @timtabstudios

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