▽ What information will you need from me to complete an order for envelope addressing?

After completing the inquiry form, I'll send you a response with a few extra questions if not already included! The things I'll need to know first are:

• What you would written on each envelope and how many will be needed

• If you will be providing the envelopes or if I will need to do so

• Envelope color and preferred ink color

• Requested date for completion

We will discuss other details as well but this will get us moving in the right direction!

▽ How much time do you need to complete a batch of envelopes?

I recommending get this out of the way as soon as you have finalized the guest list, but ideally about 4 months before the wedding date.

You'll want to send the invitations out by the 3 month mark at the latest!

General timeline (turnaround is always subject to my current schedule & availability - advanced booking is suggested) 1-100 invitations or less- 7-10 business days 100+ invitations- 10-14 business days

*Orders that must be completed in under one week will incur a RUSH FEE of 25% the total order

▽ How do I send you my guest list?

Please double and triple check your lists. I prefer your guest list be in an Excel spreadsheet format, but will accept any TYPED format. For examples or a pre-formatted file please contact me!

IMPORTANT NOTE - Envelopes will be addressed exactly as written on the list, so double and triple check it before sending!

▽ Do my envelopes have to be addressed formally for a wedding?

Absolutely not! While it is traditional to do so, there are ZERO rules about how to do this sort of thing because at the end of the day it is YOUR wedding. Do what you want! We can go super formal for a black tie affair, or whimsical and playful for a more laid back vibe!

If you have any specific etiquette questions, feel free to ask!

▽ Do you offer any different lettering styles?

For the most part I like to stick to the same style when writing, mostly because it's what I've found to be the best with my own personal tastes and styles. However, the more I learn and grow and develop my skill sets, the more I am incorporating different techniques and looks to add depth and variety! If you are looking for a particular style, send me photos of what you would like and we can discuss. I'm sure we can land on something you will love!

▽ Do you offer computer generated lettering?

Yes, absolutely! I love to create digital designs like cute wallpapers for your phone, Instagram feed pictures, logos and monograms, and so much more!

▽ I have looked through your work and would love to book you! How do I do that?

Super simple! Just complete the inquiry form with information on what services you would like and I will get back to you ASAP (probably almost immediately because I'm OCD about checking my email!). I'll send you a message to begin our conversation and then we will get the party started!

▽ Do I need to include extra blank envelopes (or seating cards) beyond the number that need to be written out?

Yes! I always you to include additional blank paper stock, ideally 20 percent, beyond the number that need to be written out. These extra envelopes/seating cards/table markers, etc. act as a buffer against ink smudging or the occasional misspelled name. I'm human too, it happens! I'll send any extras back home with you along with your beautiful stack of addressed envelopes.

▽ What happens if you've already addressed my envelopes and I need to add a few additional invitations?

No worries at all! As long as my schedule allows it, I'll be happy to accommodate those last minute "Ooops! I forgot!" additions. We will just create another quote for you based off of how many you will need!

▽ How do you handle delivery and shipping of materials and completed projects? Do you ship nationwide?

If you live outside the DFW area, you can ship your invitation materials using the carrier of your choice to my studio! I can return your completed project in a similar fashion at the cost of the shipping.

If you reside in the DFW area, you can drop off and pick up materials from my studio or you can arrange to have me do the traveling for a small fee!

▽ Can you coordinate directly with my wedding planner?

Of course! I say we make things as simple as possible for you and would love to work with your planner to keep things easy and convenient!