Hand-Lettering and Modern Calligraphy


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Always see beautifully addressed envelopes on Pinterest & thinking "Ah! I NEED that!"? I can help! 

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From wooden Welcome signs to chalkboard drink menus and more, I've got you covered. We can make a sign for just about anything, and I would love to hear YOUR ideas! 

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personal touches

Want to turn a much loved song lyric, favorite quote, your personal mantra or name into a piece of art? Let's do it! 



Envelope Pricing*
Outer Envelope – $2.00
Outer & Inner Envelope Set – $2.50
Return Address – $1.75
RSVP Envelope – $2.00
*Envelopes included for additional cost 

Place Cards and Escort Cards*
Guest Name Only – $2.25
Guest Name + Table Number – $2.50
*Prices above include one name. Each additional name is $0.50 extra

Table Signage (Numbers, Names, Custom Signage)
Table Numbers – $4.00
(Can be written to your preference. For example, One, Table 1, Table One, Table Number 1, etc.)
Table Name Signs – $10 and up
Menu Cards - Please inquire for a quote
Custom Signage – Please inquire for a quote.

(Includes signage requiring larger amounts of text, design and writing on specialty surfaces such as mirrors/glass, chalkboard, wood, etc.)

Lyrics, Vows, Poems, & Quotes
These pieces are very personal and tend to need a little more TLC! Please let me know if you are interested and we can discuss the details together. Quotes will be based on several components including:

Length of Text

Complexity of Lettering/Design Work

Ink Color

Paper Size


Logos and Monograms*
Monogram – $125 and up
Logo – $250 and up
*Includes a black ink calligraphy monogram or logo with the option to add flourishes. You will receive two custom designs we come up with to choose from.  All files will be sent in a formats suitable for printing purposes and website design development.

Custom Creations
I can do just about anything you can think of! Feel free to contact me with your ideas so we can discuss and make your dreams a reality! 
Here a few of my personal favorites:


Canvas Prints

Lettering on Glass/Mirrors

Lettering on Wood or Plastic

Chalkboard & Bistro Signs 

Agate & Marble


Coffee Mugs/Glasses

Birthday Cards / Invitations

Wedding & Engagement  Cards

Christmas Ornaments, Tags, Cards

Stationery, Thank You Cards

Gift Bags 


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 Let's chat and make things happen

I am so excited to hear from you! My favorite part of this job is hearing all of the amazing ideas and the beautiful stories behind them. I am here to help you with any questions, comments, service inquiries, or even if you just also love France and wine and want to say hi! Just fill out this form with your info and I will be eagerly waiting on the other side. My goal is to respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours! 

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